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Listen up boys, a clean car isn’t a choice, it’s an obligation bestowed upon us by the car world. I don’t know about all of you but nothing makes my skin crawl worse than a dusty finger print on my car. A scratch would probably make my hair fall out.

We got a cat here at the Carcaticz garage, his name is Max. He strolled in to our garage one night cold and hungry and the group of 4 burly men that we are picked that sucker up that night and the rest was history. Max is serious about being clean. I know cats lick themselves clean daily but damn if Max isn’t one clean cat. Max is a symbol of what we are here at Carcaticz, a brand that takes cleaning seriously.

There’s no excuse for using low-end car cleaning products that leave scratches, chemical stains, and worse on our babies. We don’t stand for that, we created Carcaticz because we stand for that old American spirit of hosing down our old bad whips on the weekend.

Let’s get it, ‘catch you later

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a) Bristles non scratch

b) Fine rubber easy to handle

c) Ergonomically designed for excellent finish

a) Chenille fiber no scratches or swirls

b) Easy wipe away grime and dirt with ease

c) Super protective gentle on car feature

a) Non-scratch and easy on your car

b) Super absorbent

c) Super fast drying microfiber

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