Car Cleaning Kit of 10pcs

Car Cleaning Kit of 10pcs

The CARCATICZ Car Cleaning Kit of 9pcs is a high-quality and efficient helper to wash your car with all detailing, washing, drying tools to make the car clean jobs more convenient. This is also a great gift idea to protect your car babies. Use the Microfiber Detailing Towels and the Handy Detailing Brushes for detailing, the Microfiber Chenille Mitt for washing, the Microfiber Double-sided Plush Towels for drying, the T-shape Brush and the Soft Handle Brush to wash the wheels.

Product Information:

# 2 x microfiber drying towel, 40x40cm, approx. 61g per towel;
# 2 x microfiber detailing towel, 40x40cm, approx. 48 per towel;
# 1 x car wash wheel brush, 24x8cm, approx. 153g per brush;
# 1 x car wash tire brush, 16x14x10cm, approx. 243g per brush;
# 1 x long handle detailing brush, 23cm long, approx. 28g weight;
# 1 x short handle detailing brush, 21cm long, approx. 17g weight;
# 1 x microfiber chenille mitt, 27x20cm, approx. 120g per mitt;

# Packing: each set in a PVC bag with a print card insert, 8sets per carton.

OEM and R&D SERVICE is available.

More Details

The CATCATICZ Car Cleaning Kit of 10pcs INCLUDES: 
2 x microfiber detailing towel, 2 x microfiber drying towel, 1 x car wheel hub wash brush, 1 x car tire wash brush, 1 x long handle detailing brush, 1 x short handle detailing brush, 1 x microfiber chenille car wash mitt, 1 x zippered storage bag


The Car Cleaning Kit is specially designed for easy use, convenient for you to clean your car, SUV, Motorcycle, Pick up, RV, Semi truck thoroughly. It supplies a good clean effect for the car body, windows, seats, dashboard, air vents, wheels, rims, tires and more. This Car Washing Kit almost includes all the tools for the car washing, drying, detailing process.

2x Microfiber Detailing Towel 16×16 inch

  • Edgeless design with lint-free & scratch-free
  • Super soft and absorbent
  • Available for interior and exterior use

2 x Double-sided Microfiber Drying Towel 16x16inch

  • Edgeless design with lint-free & scratch-free
  • Double-sided design microfiber
  • Extra thick with 380gsm
  • Super absorbent and fast drying
  • Safe for all paint surfaces
  • Lint-free, scratch-free

1 x Car Wheel and Rim Wash Brush

  • Quickly removes the grime and grease
  • Premium and soft PET bristles
  • Round brush head
  • Non-slip rubber handle

1 x Car Tire Wash Brush

  • T-shape design for easy handle
  • Curved brush head to clean the tires perfectly
  • Non-slip rubber handle
  • Hard PP bristles

2 x Detailing Brush

  • Multi-purpose use for interior and exterior
  • Remove the dust out of your wheels, vents, trim and seat crevices.
  • Lightweight to use and easy storage
  • Soft nylon bristles

1 x Car Wash Microfiber Chenille Mitt

  • Double-sided chenille fabric
  • Ultra-absorbent
  • Elastic cuff
  • Extra thick mesh lining inside
  • Machine washable

1 x Zippered Storage Bag

  • Easy to store all the stuff of the kit
  • Waterproof
  • Customized the logo in the front
  • High-quality zipper to open and close
  • Easy to carry with the bag handle

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