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CARCATICZ is a company which was founded in Ningbo and has been running for 15 years.

We are a company that provides the best quality cleaning products in the car care industry with many different product lines. Products such as: car wash brush, car wash mitt, car wash sponge, car duster, car microfiber towels, wheel brush, snow brush with ice scraper, and car cleaning combo kit etc.

We are providing high product performance which is what CARCATICZ is about in Car Cleaning, Car Washing, Car Drying, Car Detailing, Car Waxing and Polishing. We aim to provide high quality with competitive pricing to all of our customers internationally. We provide everything related to the best car care services that can be given to our customers.

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How We Win Our Clients

The CARCATICZ is a concept that provides the best which is needed in the industry. We are a brand which can provide the best in every product line we have to our customers and the final consumer.

Some of the problems we solve by this concept is:

1. Pointing out the needs and wants from our customers. Such as; the quality and the price problem.

2. We also provide a wide range of product line which means our customers can provide all the car care products they need only from us . This makes the whole purchasing process easier for them.



We are a brand which can provide the best in every product line we have to our customers and the final consumer.

who we are

We’re CARCATICZ, a brand taking back the car care industry by storm

how we do

We make high-end car cleaning products that deliver for clients serious about car care

what we do

We bring the CARCATICZ TEK+ design in all our products , which allows us to service your babies better

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Listen up boys, a clean car isn’t a choice, it’s an obligation bestowed upon us by the car world. I don’t know about all of you but nothing makes my skin crawl worse than a dusty finger print on my car. A scratch would probably make my hair fall out.

We got a cat here at the Carcaticz garage, his name is Max. He strolled in to our garage one night cold and hungry and the group of 4 burly men that we are picked that sucker up that night and the rest was history. Max is serious about being clean. I know cats lick themselves clean daily but damn if Max isn’t one clean cat. Max is a symbol of what we are here at Carcaticz, a brand that takes cleaning seriously.

There’s no excuse for using low-end car cleaning products that leave scratches, chemical stains and worse on our babies. We don’t stand for that, we created Carcaticz because we stand for that old American spirit of hosing down our old bad whips on the weekend.

Let’s get it, ‘cat’ch you later

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Carcaticz Mission

At CARCATICZ we are providing high-quality products and a remarkable experience. Our cars are an important part of our lives. In a way, they are our babies, right?! So we should provide them with a great car-care that they deserve by being an amazing friend throughout the years.

Quality comes first! We provide the utmost best quality products you can find to provide you with the service you deserve. CARCATICZ is providing all the necessary equipment you need to take good care of your car. We give you the high product performance that you need!

Carcaticz Values

High quality is the first thing that comes to mind when we mention CARCATICZ. Quality is essential in what we do because low quality products can easily damage the car’s surface.

We do provide high product performance with every single product we make. It is important to state this and mention about it as a brand value because that is what makes the CARCATICZ the best.

At CARCATICZ we provide the product that can be used on the luxury cars, and as it is mentioned before this luxury comes to you in a very affordable price.

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carcaticz goals

Carcaticz Goals

We have many competitors in the market. But we can provide something really important for the businesses who needs high quality at a competitive price.

There are many car wash stores in North and South America that can partner up with us and count on us to provide them with the best products they can use on the services they provide to the final customer.

We started to expand our brand from North and South America since it is needed there but by seizing the opportunity in the market we can achieve to own a big market share. Soon after CARCATICZ can expand itself internationally.


Brush tek


a) Bristles non scratch

b) Fine rubber easy to handle

c) Ergonomically designed for excellent finish

glove tek

a) Chenille fiber no scratches or swirls

b) Easy wipe away grime and dirt with ease

c) Super protective gentle on car feature


a) Non-scratch and easy on your car

b) Super absorbent

c) Super fast drying microfiber


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