Car Detailing Brushes Set 5 pack

Car Detailing Brushes Set 5 pack

The CARCATICZ Car Detailing Brushes Set 5 pack are needed when performing a thorough detail on a car, SUV, truck, and RV if it is the detailing job for the interior and exterior of your car. These car detailing brushes have 5 different sizes for different usage of cleaning wheels, engines, air condition vents, wheel hubs, and exhaust pipes. Bring your investment to its best condition and help maintain the value. The car washing process is not complete if without use these car detailing brushes.

Product Information:

# Item No: CWB-055
# Product: Car Detailing Brushes Set 5 Pack
# Material: PP plastic handle, PET bristle
# Size: 20.5cm, 22cm, 22.5cm, 23cm, 24cm / 8.07″, 8.66″, 8.86″, 9.06″, 9.45″
# Weight: approx. 14g, 21g, 30g, 37g, 43g
# Color:: black, red
# Logo: CARCATICZ branded
# Packaging: polybag / tag / card / box

OEM and R&D SERVICE is available.

More Details

The CARCATICZ Car Detailing Brushes Set 5 pack includes five different sizes of brushes, which are made with plastic handles and natural boar air mixed fiber bristles. All these portable car detailing brushes are ideal for automotive interior and exterior cleaning, the wheels, engines, air condition vents, dashboard. Absolutely with no scratch.


FEATURES of The CARCATICZ Car Detailing Brushes Set 5 pack :

  • 5 Different Sizes – People can select any brush to suit their needs, enough length to explore and reach into the narrow space, gaps, lug nuts air vents, exhaust pipes.
  • ZERO Metal – All these car detailing brushes include ZERO metal, but 100% plastic, which makes these the safest and most gentle detailing brushes for vehicles. No chance of marring or scratching your delicate wheels.
  • Natural Bristles – The bristles of these car detailing brushes are made with natural boar hair.  A gentle touch on sensitive surfaces, and durable performance of heavy cleaning use.
  • Suitable Handle – The handles of the brushes are easy to handle, just like writing with a pen when cleaning.
  • Wet and Dry use – The car detailing brushes can be both used for wet and dry. Wet use to remove the dirt from the wheels, trim, emblems during washing. Daily dry use to remove the dust, air vents, dashboards, navigation screen floating dust, gaps.

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