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Difference Between Quick Detailer and Spray Wax.

Main Differences between Quick Detailers and Spray Waxes.

  • Spray wax must to be applied to a clean surface but detailer sprays can be applied to a slightly dirty surface.
  • Spray waxes are kind of sticky when you spray them on the car and need more buffing than Quick Detailers.
  • Spray waxes don’t have enough lubrication to help you safely remove dirt without causing scratches.
  • Using a spray wax on a dirty car is a big mistake.  Especially on a black car.  Wash it first.
  • Detailer sprays have some lubrication which will allow dust to move smoothly over the surface which reduces the risk of scratching.
  • Spray Waxes add more gloss than Quick Detailers.  Liquid and Paste waxes would add more gloss.
  • The spray wax advantage is that it’s quick to apply and gives a great shine.  So if you wash your car and you want to give the shine a top up it’s hard to beat the convenience of spray wax.  And then, maybe once or twice a year you could use liquid or paste wax to give better protection.
  • Quick Detailers need very little buffing compared to Spray Waxes so take less time to apply.
  • Quick Detailers add some shine and gloss too but it doesn’t last very long.

Quick Detailer Dos and Don’ts

  1. Use for bird poop emergencies.
  2. As a drying aid.
  3. To quickly boost shine.
  4. Finishing touches after washing.
  5. Remove light dust.
  6. Clean fingerprints marks.
  7. As a lubricant for laying.
  8. Use on every surface.
  1. Don’t use a Quick Detailer on a very dirty car.
  2. Don’t expect the shine to last very long

Spray Wax Dos and Don’ts

  1. Use to add shine and protection.
  2. Make your car easier to wash next time.
  3. Protect against sun damage.
  4. Safe on Plastic and Rubber.
  5. Apply to wheels.
  6. Apply to glass.
  1. Don’t use Spray Wax on a dirty car.
  2. Wash and dry your car first.
  3. Some can be applied to a wet car.



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