Microfiber Car Detailing Towels 5 pack

Microfiber Car Detailing Towels 5 pack

The CARCATICZ Microfiber Car Detailing Towels 5 pack is a professional quality helper to your clean job on the cars. These towels can be used both wet and dry with lint-free and streak-free. The fluffy microfiber loops can easily remove dust and stains. These microfiber car detailing towels are multi-purpose for car interior and exterior cleaning. Machine washable and quick-drying.

Product Information:

# Item No: CDL-020
# Product: 5 x Microfiber Car Detailing Towels
# Material: 80%polyester, 20%polyamide
# Size: 40 x 40 cm ( 16 x 16 in)
# Weight: approx 45g per towel
# Edging: overlock stitching
# Color:: orange
# Logo: CARCATICZ branded label
# Packaging: polybag, box, card sleeve

OEM and R&D SERVICE is available.

More Details

The CARCATICZ Microfiber Car Detailing Towels 5 pack supplies the all-purpose cleaning use on the vehicles for both interior and exterior. They are made with excellent quality and durable microfiber. With the amount of a hundred different uses, this kind of microfiber terry towels should be the top 1 choice for cleaning, wiping, washing, scrubbing, detailing, and dusting for household, commercial and industrial that you need to dust, dirt and germs eliminated.

These all-purpose, scratch-free, super-absorbent Microfiber Detailing Towels can effectively clean any surface in and around the home, hotel, bar, hospital, vehicles, and more.


Applications of Microfiber Car Detailing Towels:
Cleaning, wiping, dusting, drying for household, commercial and industrial.


FEATURES of Microfiber Car Detailing Towels:

  • Extra-Strong Overlock Borders

High-density overlocked edge borders make the Microfiber Car Detailing Towels strong, not easy to be broken after hundreds of use to clean, wash, dry, and polish your vehicles. Protect your investment.

  • Super Absorbent

Thick, dense microfiber cleaning towels can absorb about 7 times their weight in liquids, and are machine washable, dries about 2 times faster than cotton fibers.

  • Multi-Purpose

These CARCATICZ Microfiber Car Detailing Towels can be used wet or dry as car microfiber towels for cleaning, washing, drying & polishing, even as the commercial microfiber rags for home, hotel, office & hospital, and more.

  • Premium Material

Made by high-quality microfiber 280gsm, blend of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide. These car detailing towels can clean your car efficiently for both interior and exterior without leaving any scratching paints, lint, or streak residue.

  • Specially Designed

16x16inch size and orange color microfiber cleaning towel can be all-purpose used for different cleaning ways. Keep your home and car neat.

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